About Us

At TutorMate we understand that positive tutor-tutee relationships are vital for achievement. 

Your TutorMate will not only be your teacher; they will be your personal advocate.  A TutorMate is a trusted mentor with whom you feel comfortable sharing your aspirations, goals and worries.  All our TutorMates are friendly, approachable people who truly listen to what you want.  They are learning partners dedicated to supporting you to achieve your very best.  Your tutor will offer you encouragement and advice when you need it, helping you to meet new challenges, and working with you to agree the next steps in your learning.

Helping our tutees excel by introducing them to an outstanding tutor who will support, encourage and inspire them is what TutorMate is all about.  Our experienced, talented tutors will help you - or your child - to thrive not only academically but personally.  By igniting a passion for learning and at the same time teaching not just what to learn but how to learn, we help to nurture confident, independent, resilient learners.  It is our aim that all our tutees will be able to use setbacks to their advantage, and be more than capable of meeting the challenges of any exams or tests.

We recognise that every learner has potential waiting to be unlocked, and under the skillful guidance of our warm, friendly tutors there is no limit to what they will achieve.  

Don’t wait, let TutorMate help you get started!

Exceed your academic potential.